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I’m My Own Boss. Now What? A Geekend Presentation

December 27, 2009 4 comments

In early November, Jen and I took a long train ride adventure from Washington, D.C. to sunny Savannah, Georgia to speak about our entrepreneurship endeavors at the first annual Geekend 2009 event. The event was pulled together by the lovely team of Jake & Miriam Hodesh of New Moon of Savannah. With one of our [...]

Thankfulfor Is Live: Come On In!

September 11, 2009 No comments yet

Great news – today we opened up the first version of Thankfulfor and we invite you all to come in and get your Thanks going!
When you get there, just click the Sign Up button or sign in with your Twitter account. By default, all your posts are public, so visit your settings page if you [...]

We’re Thankful For… Our First Product Announcement

August 27, 2009 4 comments

Shiny Heart Ventures Announces Thankfulfor.com

The Shiny Heart team has two projects in the works:  one is more involved and it’s still in development (more about that later), and the other is just about ready for launch. It’s called Thankfulfor and it’s all about gratitude. We’ve talked with a few close friends and family about it [...]

Embracing Unrestricted Mobility

June 28, 2009 4 comments

We’ve been on the road quite a bit in the last month, and between the two of us we’ve hit Maine, Milwaukee, Chicago, Taipei and New York in just a few weeks, with a few more trips on the horizon. We like to consider ourselves digital nomads and have a goal of being location independent [...]

Just Another Scrappy Startup

June 15, 2009 1 comment

Anytime I talk to people about starting up, I get the same reactions – are you sure? In this economy? Do you have funding locked?  My answer is always the same – we’re bootstrapping, looking at creative options for money and want to go as long as possible before trying to do the rounds. I [...]

Inspiration in Small, Medium or Large

May 12, 2009 No comments yet

In one of my last posts, I said we wanted to use this space to talk about companies that inspire us, so, this first company is one that we have both admired for awhile and have had the good fortune to meet – skinnyCorp. Maybe you’ve heard of them or their most awesomeness product/website Threadless. [...]