Winter Updates – Happy 2011

Posted on January 11, 2011


Happy 2011! We hope everyone had a great 2010, and if you didn’t, that 2011 brings great things your way.

As for us, 2010 was filled with new adventures.

  • We co-produced Digital Capital Week in June – a ten day festival with over 6,000 participants from around the world.
  • On, we rolled out a number of updates such as posting images, profiles, following, more email notifications and more.
  • We embarked on a project with Jen’s family in Maine and launched Shiny Maine Lobster, bringing fresh Maine lobster to people across the US.
  • We launched the Thankfulfor iPhone application in November and are preparing for the Android app too.
  • We worked with Crowdflower and JESS3 to produce the 2010 Gratitude Index, which was highlighted on media sites across the web, including,,,, and others.
  • Since Thankfulfor is a free site without ads, we were very thankful for all of our gracious community members who helped support the site via their contributions.

Outside of Shiny Heart Ventures, co-founder Frank Gruber successfully grew his media company Tech Cocktail, and brought co-founder Jen Consalvo onboard. So now the team has two ventures. Tech Cocktail produced over 20 events around the country in 2010 including the Startup Mixology conference in Chicago, and grew the online news site tremendously  - a huge accomplishment. At the same time, Jen launched her photography ebook, Love Your Photos: A Simple Guide To Photographic Happiness. Another great personal achievement.

As for 2011, we will continue to grow the Thankfulfor community, introducing new features to our thousands of members that will enrich and grow the community. Another important project will be Digital Capital Week 2011 – this year produced by Tech Cocktail and iStrategy Labs.

Via our many ventures, we look to build communities, increase joy in people’s lives and contribute to society while also building responsible and successful businesses. We hope you’ll join us. What are your plans for 2011? Tell us in the comments below.

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