Embracing Unrestricted Mobility

Posted on June 28, 2009

embracing mobility

We’ve been on the road quite a bit in the last month, and between the two of us we’ve hit Maine, Milwaukee, Chicago, Taipei and New York in just a few weeks, with a few more trips on the horizon. We like to consider ourselves digital nomads and have a goal of being location independent in order to experience as much as we can – definitely a lot more than when chained to an office desk. Thanks to the developments of wireless technology and lots of devices, we are always connected. While many people love working at larger companies and thrive on daily office camaraderie and a certain level of stability, we like to feel the freedom of unrestricted mobility. Whether we are jumping on a Skype call via our iPhones while reviewing new devices in downtown Taipei, sending our developers daily feedback from coastal Maine or responding to an email thread while watching our favorite Chicago baseball team rally to pull out an exciting win, we remain productive from virtually anywhere. Not that life is always that exciting, but with family and friends scattered, global tech events and lots of frequent flier miles, we like to take advantage of any change in scenery.

In real-estate the emphasis is always put on “location, location, location!” and thanks to ever-evolving technology we can now be productive from almost any location – the devices and connectivity leave us no excuse. And while we understand that there is no place like home, we like to think we have many homes – the primary one being the World Wide Web. So we embrace our unrestricted mobility as much as we can, allowing us to experience more in life while continuing to move the ball forward. Who needs vacation?

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4 Responses to “Embracing Unrestricted Mobility”

  1. matt
    Jun 29, 2009

    I have the same experience and practices myself, as a digital nomad. Funny, along with a couple other people, we began using this phrase after working on (the now defunct) globalnomad.com project years ago. As a entrepreneur and Creative Director, I could not ever imagine being restricted to a desk to do what it is, I do. Being one of those that call my homebase coastal Maine; I embrace being able to lead my projects, provide feedback and chat with partners across the world with Skype via my mobile; all from the dock on an island. ;)


  2. Jen
    Jul 09, 2009

    I remember globalnomad.com! That’s awesome – thanks for the comment, Matt. So happy to see someone from Maine stop by. I’ll be back up there on Monday, laptop in hand, visiting family. There’s no place I’d rather work from in the summer (well, according to my parents, summer hasn’t really found Maine yet…). – Jen

  3. Nick O'Neill
    Jul 20, 2009

    We need to get together to discuss the new nomadic experience! Anyways, being mobile is a lifestyle. I think it would be cool to let people share their experiences of working on the go, in different locations.

  4. Taylor Davidson
    Aug 06, 2009

    By the way, there is an active community of working nomads at http://www.locationindependent.com

    Lea and Jonathan have been connecting with Location Independent Professionals (LIP) for a number of years and have a brought together many people sharing tips, knowledge, etc. about living, traveling and working.

    And I know a thing or two about being a working nomad :)

    (hola again, Nick!)

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