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Posted on May 12, 2009
Whimsical offices of SkinnyCorp

Whimsical offices of SkinnyCorp

In one of my last posts, I said we wanted to use this space to talk about companies that inspire us, so, this first company is one that we have both admired for awhile and have had the good fortune to meet – skinnyCorp. Maybe you’ve heard of them or their most awesomeness product/website Threadless. Here’s what we know and like… and hope to copy the hell out of (not their products – just their awesomeness).

  • They have a great mission that really defines who they are and what they’re about.
  • They take fun seriously – it’s consistent in every single thing they do, especially in their offices (they have an airstream IN their office!)
  • They are creative problem solvers. For example, they’ve created systems and invented their own solutions when no others could be found.
  • They honor the communities they’ve built – online and offline.
  • They care about how they do business; the design, the experience, the quality, the people – they all matter.
  • They make money. For real.

Check out Frank’s video of his office visit with skinnyCorp last year.

Here are a few more links where you can learn more about this inspirational company:

We have several more companies in the queue that we’ve been checking out. If you know of any that you think we’d be interested in looking at, please leave them in the comments or email us at Thanks!

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